Data for users first

If you want to get your message across with data, you need to engage with people. You need to make them your priority.

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At Plot + Scatter we believe that data is only as useful as its ability to create that “oh!” moment of awareness in someone. That’s why we think that data should

  • Have integrity
  • Evoke thought
  • Create action
  • Be experienced

Without the human factor, data are nothing but numbers and meaningless tidbits of information. We therefore focus on transforming data for the user first.

Our services

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User research & testing

To get the user to engage with your data, you must first understand them. For us, it's only natural that user research and testing be part of the process. We adopt a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques, and usability testing methods to find insight in creating data products and services for you.

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User experience for data

How the user comes into contact and interacts with your data will determine the effectiveness of getting your message out there. We work hard to craft great user experiences while achieving your business and project goals.

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Data for mobile consumption

Like everything else, data consumption is rapidly shifting from desktop to mobile devices. How does this translate for screen sizes and user interaction? We research and develop fresh solutions for users in the mobile world.