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We work with you to communicate data in an engaging and meaningful way.

A question you want to answer with data

Do you have data and don’t know where to begin looking for insight? We’ll work with you to develop a plan and find those gems.

The understanding of your data

Do you need people within and outside your organization to comprehend your data and its value? We’ll get people to engage with it.

A message you need to share with data

Do you want to improve how people visualize or interact with your data? Our focus is user experience first.

Working with Plot + Scatter has been a game-changer! They’ve taken everything that’s been swirling in our heads over the last year, and then have articulated and laid it out it in such a way that we have an actionable design roadmap. They’ve enabled us to reach our vision of using data viz to make law more accessible and useful for all audiences, rather than just paint pretty pictures.

— Adam La France, CEO of Knomos

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