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It all starts with the question.

We often hear people say they know there’s value to be found in the data they have on hand. Their problem is not about finding enough data, it’s about understanding which data actually matters.

We say: start by asking the right questions. Once you start asking the right questions, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for a lot faster.

Strategy & planning for data

We get you asking the right questions and then develop a strategy that will help you implement the right process to find the answers you are looking for. We help you organize and pull the proper data, identify and onboard the people who need to be part of the process, and determine the best ways to share your insight with others.

Data exploration & research

Finding and mining the appropriate data for your key question is a tedious task. We make sure to look at the data from all angles, continuously questioning and challenging our assumptions and findings in order to arrive to the best conclusions. We also look beyond your data to widen the possibility of discovery and insight.

Conceptualizing and building for data.

You’re excited about your data, but no one else around you understands what all the fuss is about.

Or you need to find a better way to present your data and make interesting patterns stand out. If you do it right, it can be a game changer for your team and business.

Creating engaging data products and services takes more than one set of skills. And we’ve got them.

Interaction & interface design for data

Designing interactions and interfaces for data requires more than your usual interaction and interface design. We apply information design concepts and then quickly prototype, test and develop our ideas iteratively to get the right designs for your data.

Data visualization & digital product development

Since we’re user-focused, we like to be involved in the entire life cycle of a project. Not only do we design for data projects, we also build them. We develop static, interactive and responsive visualizations, dashboards and mobile apps for data. We sometimes like to experiment beyond these realms too.

Transforming data for users first.

At Plot + Scatter we believe that data is only as useful as its ability to create that “oh!” moment of awareness in someone. That’s why we think that data should:

  • Have integrity
  • Evoke thought
  • Create action
  • Be experienced

Without the human factor, data are nothing but numbers and meaningless tidbits of information. We therefore focus on transforming data for the user first.

User research & testing

To get the user to engage with your data, you must first understand them. For us, it’s only natural that user research and testing be part of the process. We adopt a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques, and usability testing methods to find insight in creating data products and services for you.

User experience for data

How the user comes into contact and interacts with your data will determine the effectiveness of getting your message out there. We work hard to craft great user experiences while achieving your business and project goals.

Data for mobile consumption

Like everything else, data consumption is rapidly shifting from desktop to mobile devices. How does this translate for screen sizes and user interaction? We research and develop fresh solutions for users in the mobile world.

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